Elymat Industries Inc.

A Professional Export Outsourcing Company

We work with US companies whose products sell overseas but do not wish to maintain an export department. Instead they sell their products to us in New Jersey making us the official exporter of record.

We Are Responsible For:

  • Determining the Correct ECCN or Munitions Category for your Products
  • Obtaining any Licenses, Commerce or State, when Necessary
  • Dealing with Payments from Overseas Customers
  • Coordinating Shipments with US Freight Forwarders

Welcome to Elymat Industries

Why Export Outsourcing?

  • Removes your Need to Maintain an Export Department
  • Selling through us allows you to Pursue International Sales Strictly at the Domestic Level
  • Eliminate Risks associated with International Shipments

Why Elymat?

  • We have Over 40 Years of Experience in the Export Business
  • We Handle the Entire Export Process while you simply Bill and Ship to us in New Jersey

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